Tuesday, September 23, 2003

~*20 Minutes*~

thats what i was in for at work today...a whole 20 minutes...2 phone calls had come before i'd ever even arrived at work...the third had arrived 20 minutes after...school of course...had to go and pick up a lilone...


when i had arrived at work there was loads of trash to be taken out which gave Punch n Judy n i a chance to have a lil pow wow out by the dumpster without lil ears about to hear all that was being said... Judy informed me that i was "the talk of Appco"

seems lil miss assistant was quite displeased with my leaving work 4 hours early yesturday and made comment to the fact that "if she told Bossman she could pull 9 hours then she should have been made to stay and pull 9 hours" geeeee, if leaving 4 hours early had ticked her off i can just imagine what today has done

not that i give a rats tail end...i have my priorities...being her lil pet is not one of them

i was ready for her to say one word to me about leaving early, i was ready to walk out the door long before the school had called... i'm just thankful the school did...at least NOW she might realize i really did have reason for concern about being home when the lilones got in...nawwwwww not bloody likely...

at any rate i'm trying to gets my lilone to a Dr...cheap...cause gawds knows we don't have any sort of insurance...in part for taking on this pisstake of a job...

oh well...for now scooby seems to be doing okies...but what on gawds green earth could have her stillllllllll passing out??? its been 2 days since she pulled that tooth!


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