Thursday, August 14, 2003

~*Waking up at 2am*~

As time draws closer and closer for Ghostie's arrival to the States i'm finding it more and more difficult when we are apart...wellll...i should say that i am finding it more and more difficult when we aren't glued to the telephone talking for hours on end about everything under the sun...which is great for us, just a bit horrid on the phone bill (actually, one of the more prominant US Telephone companies has an awesome international rate, only 2 cent more per minute than calling anywhere else in the States)

i'm still telling the company to shove their $1,500 deposit up their hole! i hate monopolies...they can and will try to push me into a dark corner...and i willll fight the point im off for a cell this month (take that and run with it ya toads)

anyhows, knowing that after a lil converstation with the company i shouldddddd be getting a disconnect today, Ghosties call came before work rather than later in the day...7am in the UK...2am in the States...right in the midst of yummyfrickenlicious dreams too....and nopes, i notttttttt complaining....the call seemed to fit perfectly sanwhiched between some of the most yummmy er uhmmmm...


Ghostie is going to Blackburn for a t-shirt...mmmmmmmmmm... seems one of the 500 questions i had answered is going to be replied to...mmmmmmmmm...

i thinks if we ever get to make it back to Cali i will havvvvvvvve to show NL the new shirt Ghostie is having made for his lilone...the one thats going to say "yummmyfrickenlicious!!!"

~*giggles n purrrrrrrumbles*~


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