Wednesday, August 27, 2003

~*Soul Urge*~

orrrr...why i do the things i do???


You have a strong inner desire to express yourself to
others. You would like to make yourself known as a great
speaker or writer, but you much also take the time to come
to contact with your inner soul so that you can express
your deep feelings to others too.

You have a strong sense of duty and you are conscientious
and caring to others around you. As you honor the feelings
of others you will also learn to inspire and awaken the
spirit within them to do the same, and this will really
make you feel fulfilled.

You seek an inner happiness which you find most rewarding
when you are helping others. You try to stay happy at all
times and you enjoy bringing happiness to others throughout
your life.

Your large emotional energy field surrounds everyone around
you, but this could cause problems for you because of your
extreme sensitivity. You may be picking up too many of the
emotions of others and you must learn to close off this
energy from time to time.

You must also learn to balance your creative side with self-
discipline and intuitive traits of your personality that
will make you a success in everything that you do. Your
inner desire for expression is a blessing that you will come
to appreciate as you grow and learn throughout this life.


okies, with all that said, i'm off to hunt down dizzy doggie, my blankie and my pillow, and i not gonna thinks about blank walls, or grumpy bossmen, or phone calls i chose not to make...


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