Wednesday, August 13, 2003

~*she laughs till she cries*~

Ghostie's Sun Conjunct moonies Moon:

The two of you are, no doubt, good friends. You feel very comfortable together, and can experience a very nourishing and intimate closeness . Even if your personalities are very different, you understand each other very well.

Ghostie's Sun Opposition moonie's Mars:

This is an active, energetic relationship and you can accomplish a great deal together. Be wary, however, of the tendency to butt heads when your combined dynamic energy makes you both feel impatient.

Ghostie's Sun Square moonie's Mercury:

The two of you do not always see eye-to-eye on issues, and it is very easy for moonie to become critical of Ghostie. Compounding the problem is Ghosties tendency to be very sensitive to criticism from moonie and consequently react defensively to this criticism. This need not be a serious problem however; a little tolerance for each other's right to disagree and respect for individual differences is all it takes to make personal differences interesting rather than annoying.

Ghosties Sun Trine moonie's Venus:

Yours is a congenial and enjoyable relationship, for you both appreciate and like one another. You also share a similarity in tastes and enjoyment of leisure activities and pleasures.

moonie's Sun Sextile Ghostie's Pluto:

Ghostie helps moonie achieve personal goals, activate mooni'ss latent talents and strengths, and encourages and promotes moonie's creative work and endeavors. You can be a very successful duo. However, Ghostie can be more driving and ambitious for moonie than moonie is, like the "stage mother" who pushes her child to shine and to excel even when it is not the child's own aspiration. Ghostie can have a profound influence on moonie, most likely for the good, but possibly not. Subtle manipulation and domination on Ghostie's part should be avoided.


theres definiately something not quite right about this ehhhh?


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