Friday, August 15, 2003

~*Scamperin About*~

it's one of those mornings when i knows i haves loads and loads to do and i can only hopes to get them alllllllllll done... Smudge's classes changed all around yesturday as the Spec Ed teacher placed her into the program immediately...hmmmm...maybe i will likes this school, they seem to be on the ball anyhow...

i finalllllly heard from sissie ~*beamssssssss*~ and nows i knows she all happy and exciterated and stuffs and soz i can stops worrying myselfs about what she up toos (not that i ever will though causes she my lil sis ands i loves her bunches, and welps sheeeeze...soz what if i worrys at times eh?)

oooohhhhh, and and and...when daddy (~*giggles*~) and i was talking last night something really really nice was said that i think i will want to remember forever in spite of the fact he felt horrid for saying it afterwards...i asked him if him wanted to takes back his words though and him said no, he just not wanted to says them yesturday orrrr on the phone was all...mmmm...the things i get to be...

anyhowzzzzzzzzzzz...gotta be getting around for works now and i no wanna go!!!


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