Saturday, August 23, 2003


OKies... soz i'm missing Ghostie more than just a bits (he's off on a bit of a much needed mini vacation of sorts)...

figured i plays around with all those wonderfulistical charts on the net and welps one up:

Idealistic, caring, leader, persevering, Diverse, sensitive, encouraging, Cooperative, influential, confident, authoritative, reliable, Disciplined, ingenious, agreeable, Supportive, original, essential

Leader, intuitive, protective, organizer , Determined, perceptive, successful, sensitive, Inspiring, reliable, charming, Inquisitive, disciplined, independent, Responsible, imaginative

~*giggles...uhmm yeppers...thinks that pretty much me in a nutters shell*~

anyhowzzzzzz... the chart ended all the hoopla googily gooks type stuff with a total compatibility rating of 3.89 out of 5...nots too bad i thinks...we gots a compatibility of very good or excellent in intellectual, emotional and physical bonding as well as our intuitiveness towards one another..troubles was with the fate...only got a "good" on that one...pffffttttt~i wanna retest!!!


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