Sunday, August 31, 2003

~*Now then*~

yesturday was a bit interesting... tooks the lilones to the flea market for a bit which is always interesting...especially when i manage to lose them in the crowd (that's not a good think now is it?)

nahhhhhh, i never lost them, they lost me!

soz much for giving them the freedom to roam about on their own (together yes, but sanz mom)...took me 30 minutes to hunts them down!

anyhows, what wass interesting was the visit to the store nearest my new's the same as the one i work in now, a bit smaller, but muchhhhh closer to home...

(scooby) mom, why don't you go to work here?
(me) no hun, i dont thinks so
(scooby) but there's a sign in the window
(cashier) you work for #####???
(me) unfortunately *winks*
(cashier) really? which store?

we talk for a good 20 minutes or soz and i now have this funny lil feeling the big bossman is going to be calling on me at work sometime next week to transfer me outta the hole


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