Tuesday, August 26, 2003


not a happy lil camper today with the lilones, in facts last night we had ona those long "sit your tail down and listens" kinna chats that i'm sure went right in one ear and straight out the other ~*sighs*~

back to ABC's n 1,2,3's...

smudge is definiately NOT adapting well to all the changes...i knewww this might happen... sad thing is scooby isn't doing all that much better

they both wanna go horseback riding Saturday...$20.00 each for an hours time... i LOATH horses...butttt it's with thier youth group... and i did work a few extra hours overtime last week soooooo

i tells the girls they can do, butttttt they haves to earn the money this week doing extra chores and such...smudge is a procrastinator just likes her mom, hasn't earned a dime one yet, scooby on the other hand had earned a few bucks already...to which she took off with her earnings last night to have an icee with a friend...smudge was livid...

now of course neither of them has a dime saved up for Saturday...


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