Sunday, August 17, 2003

~*lil things*~

i still like hello kitty
i still sign letters with X's and O's
i still love to wear ribbons in my hair
i still like lots of bracelets and anklets
(especially charms and dangles and bells)

~* mmmmmm*~

i still love lotsa sweeties...
my favorites are gobstoppers and bottlecaps and bottle caps toooooo...
i still snuggle up with my stuffies
(even though Ghostie says "He'll have to go" whenever i mentions my poor dizzy pup)
i still like to hopscotch
i still play loads and loads... and loads... of games...
i still like to color
i still like to ride on carousels
i still like bubbles in my bath...

i still sing the toys r us theme song...

and i love it!


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