Friday, August 22, 2003

~*a lil Footy Fantasy*~

oyyyyyyyyy...okies soz nows a good time to rephrase that...a lil fantasy footy is more like it...i just dont gets into the whole "footsie" thing...but i dooooooooo loves footy... and we allll know Everton is of course THE bestest team there is rightttttt???? RIGHT then...

was only allowed to take on two players from Everton for the fantasy team, soz i took a bit of a long shot...and gawds knows how good the other players are as i have noooooooo clue how other teams do and such... but's the line up of the fantasy team...approprietely names "playground playmates"

A Niemi SOT
A Cole ARS
A Impey LEI
R Ferdinand MU
M Fish CHA
D Duff CHE
B Emerton BLA
Li Tie EVE
R Pires ARS
K Campbell EVE
K Miller WOL


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