Sunday, August 31, 2003

~*Down Time*~

Today was quiet time... down time... time to heal from all the upheaval of the past week...

i wasn't awoken by storms at 3:30am, in fact it was rather peaceful...i slept in a lil bit later than what i have been the past few nights, not much later, but who can complain of a 6:00am wake up call, when any other day would have them up at 5:00am?

admittedly i had refused to crawl out from under my blankie, deciding instead that what i really wished to do was curl up with Anne Rice's writings of "Memnoch the Devil"...but even that couldn't hold my attention too long

my thoughts are so scattered and varied as of late...

i related well to a post of another blogger (thinking almost certainly that she knows who she is and what i'm on about now) but today was "all about me" and i had decided notttt to think about the past, or the losses or for what it had mattered, anything i might have gained either...

i read journals n blogs
talked to Ghostie for hours
played a bit in the crib
played a bit more in lit ~*blushes*~
had a strawberry milkshake for lunch mmmmmmmmmmmmm
took a lil nap which earned me a "good girl"
got caught in a very very verrrrry scawrey storm with funnel clouds n all
caught up on loads of chores i had been hoping to tend at some point
ehhhhh...even dusted off the dustbunnies

~*wiggles n wriggles n er uhmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh*~

daddy came by about 8:00pm and even though him not say much i just knewwwww it meant more troubles at home for momma ~*sighs*~ i offered daddy a wine cooler and we watched a bit of the telly...

(i had no idea Billy Ray Cyrus had his own lil show going...cheesy, but amazingly not too bad considering...)

anyhows nowwwww i am in the midst of taking a first attempt to Scooby's new favorite food flavor...we're trying a bake off of our first peach cobbler...

(if there's never another post from me after this one'll know why eh?)


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