Monday, August 25, 2003

~*Definiately a Monday*~

welps i triedddddd to make it into the discussion at B2P last night...i was there...welps, i mean er uhmmmm, i was there long enough to know i definiately wanted to be there...then the comp decided it was time to deffocate once more and for 12 hours running (or in this case, NOT) i enjoyed defragging, scanning, and then finally giving up the ghost and reformatting againnnnnnn!!! (note i said ghost...notttttt Ghostie... nopes nopes nopes...not evvvvvver!)

anyhows the discussion was suppose to have been on the importance of assignments or something to that effect...haven't had one of those in leastttt a year soz maybe...okies then, not that i haven't had one...just that i hadn't done one???


enjoyed a loverly lil chat with Ghostie yesturday afternoon and can hardly wait until he is back home sometime a bit later this evening...gawds i'm missing him something be truthful i don't know how i'll manage it if he comes to the States and we really do get on good, and thennnnn he leaves back for the UK again for an undetermined amount of time...nopes, not going to think about THAT again...

Ghostie had asked what i had been up to the past day or two and welpsssss...we got on a bit about toothpaste and of course we chattered a bit about Everton taking a win, which took on the discussion of the colors of the house (which is currently colored off in tones of the which i fulllllly intend remedying...much to Ghostie's dismay)

~*adjusting the halo once more*~

oooohhhhh...ideas popping into play...can keep the black and add some blue???

~*hushes now before ideas pops into more heads than my own!*~


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