Saturday, August 16, 2003

~*Blushes Remembering*~

we was talking about the lilone out running around in the heat of the day...

"she'll be all hot and bothered" He had said...
"oyyyyyyy, she best not be, thats her mommies trick!" i replied...

~*he laughs, i giggles*~

after a momentary pause i then added "courses when i gets all hot and bothereds i just goes to my daddy ands ask hims helps me out"...

"ohhh your a naughty girl" He replies

"buts when i in troubles i'm suppose to goes to my daddy for helps aren't i???"
i ask all innocent like
(as the halo managed to find its way around my neck... tightening grip)

"yes, and I'm your daddy..."
(there was voices in the background...he had been at work...)
"hold on baby..."

"oyyyy did you just says THAT in front of them???!!!"
i had asked as soon as he had returned to the phone

"yes I did hun"

~* need for a spankings to match cheek colorings...i'm quite crimson allllllllllll over*~


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