Saturday, August 16, 2003

~*Biting the Tongue*~

hopefully it was just the way the day was going...which is to say...LOUSY!

i never made it to the baby shower...4-H combined with a home economics course and soz it was a trip to the fair instead...luckily i skated by only having to spend $15.00 (that i didn't have mind ya...)

then of course was the laundry... i knewwwwwww i should have gone to momma's earlier this week, but i couldn't help but for wanting to spend as much time as i possibly could with Ghostie...soz i never made it to momma's and daddies, and the laundry stacked up to the point it took 3 hours to gets it all done...and its stilllllll not completely done up right... i have a few items in need of ironing now ~*ickkkkkkkkkkkk*~

housework will have to wait till much later this evening or i'll never win the battle to get smudge in the bath before bedtime...this school year definiately started off on the wronggggg footing... we're back to the endless struggles of a night... at least NOW i can honestly say its more "the age" than it is "the illness"

i have tons of papers to fill out for school before Monday, and tons more to tryyyyyy and find...thinking almost certainly that most of the ones for which i am in search of are long lost in the pile of rubbish left behind with MJ during last winters fiasco to leave Cali...

smudge is moaning, scoob is moaning...and moonie is moaning too... and the part that reallllly bites....i got kicked offline due to the storms and Ghostie not say goodnights...

okies...i'm chaulking today up as a day from H-E-Double hockey sticks!


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