Wednesday, July 02, 2003

~*Vacationing Planning & Rental Cars*~

i was suppose to have checked on rental cars Monday, then again today...buts my lil mind went wandering off and my bad self got the bestest of me because Ghostie was on the hunt long before i was...

~*hates when that happens*~

now for the good news... picking up at the airport on the 29th and returning it back to the airport on October 17th...unlimited mileage, properly insured...$543.00 for the entire trip...notttttttt to bad considering Ghostie had found one for 10 days that had to be picked up and delivered back to NASHVILLE... (which is onlyyy about 200 miles from herrrrrrre) ...and was over $100 more in cost...

bestest news of the day is something that lil miss procastinator actually accomplished...being so close to 4th of July i managed to find quite a few lil "Americana" types trinkets to send home with Ghostie for the lilones annnnnd for him... nowwww i'm a happy lil camper

~*giggles and purrrrrumbles somores*~


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