Friday, July 25, 2003


Ghostie knew i was a lil distant today, even when i tried to hide what was really boiling up inside of me he kept pecking away until all my worries and doubts started flowing like a river and i couldn't hold back a single thought from him any longer...

and he didn't laugh, and he didn't scold...he did say i was silly at one point which is soooooo not a good thing to says to me as all that ever does is cause me to coil up even more...but we talked for hours and i'm all the more at ease now for the talks sooooo...

(pssssst Ghostie...point score ~*giggles n winks*~)

when i showed to him the words i had written last night, the words of being with another for life and how shattering it is for me now, i thought i might hear something to the effect of "but that was him, and this is me" but instead i heard:

"darlin thats good hun...know why... it means that if **** wants kim he gonna av to work hard at it to gain trust in her and trust from me 2"

"so i thinks **** gonna injoy makin kim knows he wants her"

i couldn't promise that of course, but i did say as much as i would try


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