Tuesday, July 15, 2003

~*A shave and a haircut?*~

maybeeeeee i'll like smudge's new therapist...maybe

30 minute session of which according to smudge the following topics were discussed:

did she get into trouble today? (yepperzzz, but how did the therapist guess that one...psychic? clarevoyant?...oyyyy!)

hygiene...(ooohhhhhhh this woman is gaining some strongggggg points with momma now)

the "aminal" issue....(yepperz...big time point scores)


a friend of Punches came into work today and brightened up a rather dreary topic for me...haircuts... i've been dreading the thought of having to have mine done KNOWING its been almost a year since my last cut...to which MJ stood over the poor haircutter... arms crossed, fully inspecting to be certain she didnt dare take off any additional length than was previously provisioned for...

see, once upon a time i had very lovely lonnnnnnng blonde locks... and went in to a "reputible" stylist for a trim...to find myself crying every morning as i glanced into the mirror to see my hair cut clear up to my shoulders... it wasn't a pretty sight...

i've been stylist shy ever since...

needless to say, Punches friend is a hairstylist...does punches hair as well as punches mommas...and i dearly love punches hair even if it is short... the hairstylist hair was much longer, almost the same length as my own, and very tastefully kept... soz i've agreed to allowing her to be the one to do the layering for which my own head is so desperately in need of...AFTER a nice coloring for which Punch had already agreed to do...

i'm a bit nervous but in two weeks i will be sporting a new look... and wont Mr Virginia go absolutely ape if he comes into the store to see his "loverly lil blonde baby" has gone deep auburn, andd sports a new style (so much for pig tails ehhhh Sir?)


i just hopes Ghostie approves!!!


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