Wednesday, July 30, 2003

~*seriously yummyfrickenlicious*~

okies, soz mosttttt of the readers who happen by this journal know at least one thing about moonie...she was/is/used to be/has no clue but is fascinated with??? the D/s community.

i seldom post about my kinks, in part because i am painfully shy (no pun intended)... and too because Ghostie has very lil knowledge of D/s or what being a submissive to a Dominant is truly about...

that being said, now i have to rave a bit about 100 Bloggers

if you have an online journal, and if your one of many fellow kinsters in the world, then moonie is begging of you to please take a look at all the yummyfrickenlicious blogs written and devoted to the lifestyle by others within the community.

Learn more about 100 Bloggers.

it's for U/us...and about U/us


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