Sunday, July 27, 2003

~*ooooooohhhh and and and...*~

needs to find some really good movies too... Ghostie likes them scawrey types, i can handle the Vampire type movies, but i'm not any good wiff stuff like The Shining...have trieddddd to watch it a hundred times but i never get passed the kitchen scene where daddy comes after his son soooooooooooooo...

i'm thinking...Lord of the Rings a good one since Ghostie not seen it yet ( least ONE i wont squirm to much through...welllll...uhm, okies, so we'll see ~*winks*~)

anyhows...should be a funnnn day at the flea market Saturday (wundering if i can find a copy of Angel Heart anywhere...dat one just tooooooooooo freaky)


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