Saturday, July 26, 2003

~*Merrit Malloy*~

If i had to chose a favorite poet, one that i could really relate to, one whose words hit home for me, welllllllll....

An Arguement for Absolution

He thinks his honesty redeems him . . .
he thinks telling the truth will change the facts
He thinks confessing his crimes and giving you
their brutal details will change everything

But honesty
has never changed
the truth

~*Merrit Malloy*~

One Of The First Things We Have To Learn

No matter how long she held on
to those people she lost
No matter how hard she tried
to get them back
Not one of them ever
returned to her
We must be careful
not to relinquish our future
to people who won't
be there
One of the first things
we have to let go of
is not being able to
let go of

~*Merrit Malloy*~


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