Thursday, July 31, 2003

~*leave of absence*~

welps today marks moonie's last day on the net for awhile ~*sniffles*~

tommarow is moving day, and hopefully everything is in place at our new home as far as the utilities goes..alls i know is it's expected to be raining (thanks for the cursing MJ ~*giggles*~)

Scooby is right afterall...seems that ever since 1999 if we have made a big move it has allllllways been in the middle of the pouring rain...and this move shall be no different ~*smiles and wishes Ghostie could be here to hold my hand through the scawrey parts*~

anyyhows, i wont be online again until the 11th as thats the earliest the cable company could make their way to our new home, butsssssss...i thinks once i finally get settled into our new place that i will takes some time to answer the many questions posted at 100 Bloggers...

nooooo, not allll of them...that would take me a lifetime!


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