Monday, July 14, 2003

~*Closet Space*~

Just did a bit more packing for the upcoming move...somewhat smiling knowing that at least THIS time i'm not having to sell everything i own for a pipe dream that will never come true, but almost wishing i wassss selling it all because as i rummaged through my closet i shivered at some of the nifty lil collectibles i now have. the lil black dress i wore out for a game of pool November 2002 that managed to rip up the backside just enough to give any and all a nice lil look see to the fact there was nothing more than a garter and hose underneath it all...

trouble is...i'm not used to picking my own clothes and i'm terrified of going out shopping for more... sad isn't it?

when i was younger, my cousin Dee and i used to browse the malls together...she always had the nicest outfits, soz most of the time she would be the one who picked out my outfits for me...with rare exception to the fact that every now and then my childhood pal PS would accompany me on a quick rendeveux to the mall if i had an important lil date around the corner that required a certain look and needed a "man's" opinion... the one thing i can still say for him...he knowsssss how to dress yummmyfrickenliciously...

"R" had word on everything bought when we were together, and Lar was always first to say yeah or nay to anything worn when i was with fact, Lar said yeah or nay to anything always regaurdless of if his opinion was asked for or not, and when MJ spoke of his likes and dislikes, it was Lar i ran to for advice on clothes once again...and againnnn when i was with Galahad... even though i was living with MJ and could have just as soon asked his opinion.

I never minded it at all...Lar knew how to dress me up, down, or any which way was required for any it Ren Faire, or a munch, or a Party, or a Wedding...only now he is a bazillion miles away


i could sure use his opinions now...


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