Wednesday, July 16, 2003

~*And I still keep on going*~

here's the gist of todays conversations...starting with this one to Galahad of course...i wanted final say dommit!

Welps ######,


i don't know what the hell has happened, or why it is that i seem to forever be haunted by a past that needs to be buried once and for all, but now that it is infecting the crib, and more importantly my relationship with ####, i've taken the liberty of ensuring for both our sakes that we never cross paths again...

Subject: Re: All TDs (woogie) - this weeks schedule
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 16:15:23 -0700

Dear ###,

Please accept my sincerest apologies but i will no longer be able to act as TD for the woogies. I have had wonderful times and have made many friends but due to unforseen circumstances i must resign and withdraw membership at this point and time.

Thank you for all you have done and for the wonderful priviliage you had given me...

God Bless and take care,

i hope THIS will keep that lil poxy bitch happy and as far and distant from me as before i ever met you or knew of her because i swear to you ######, she ever tries to contact me again she'll be seeing me face to face

~*smiles angelicalistically*~


GRRRRRRRRR...He had a response...

Why did you do this, however it was done I got her to apologise and say it wont happen again.

If that is the case I want you to withdraw your resignation and it is I who will leave.

Infact I am doing an e-mail to ### now, I will send you a copy of it. I hope you will reconsider and get in touch with ### telling her that you acted hastily and wish to withdraw your resignation.


Things have happened that unfortunately make it neccessary for me to have to leave cribbing.
This has nothing to do with any woogie. I have loved my time playing and TD'ing but now find that I must take a step back from computer life and address the real world.
I know it is short notice but I think it is for the best.

I wish all my woogie friends all the best, especially yourself, #### , ### and #####.



soz that was what i awoke to... along with a monster saying he would like "a word with you young lady!" ands the head admin asking if i was for real and if so why, and welps...needless to say i was bombarded with YOU cant leave, HE needs to go...He has gone...He needs to learn to control her (gawdssss i'm still laughing at that one!) etc etc etc...

i did manage final word...

i wish you hadn't have left for more than a few you was in crib wayyyy before me, and you were TD before me as well... that is why i chose to be the one to go...

you say she apologized, right...yes she apologized to ####... for WHAT we still haven't the foggiest clue, as neither of us knows why it was she chose to be such a lil "b" in the first place, and to be quite honest i am certainly not one to willingly and easily accept the apology without knowing what the hell was going on in the first place.

after all, perhaps i am the one who needs to be apologizing...for some wonderful lil lie i've managed to conjure??? heck if i would know!

im done ######, theres no place for me in crib...thats your baby, i joined it because you had asked me to alonnnnnnnnnnng time ago, but now that i so obviously have overstepped my boundaries i resign and withdraw... im not the one who had the tear jerking icon going on when i did so, im not the one who smiled so happily when i found the crib in the first place

take care and reconsider your own actions...

please and thank you


in the mix of all the emails was this...

galahad (1:45:46 AM): ***IMPORTANT NOTICE**** Please read the post I have just issued to the Forum
angelicalistical1 (6:54:48 AM): why did you do that?
angelicalistical1 (6:55:24 AM): you was into crib long before me
galahad (8:00:30 AM): doesnt matter, its done now
galahad (8:00:46 AM): Its up to you what u do moonie, but I wont be back in there
angelicalistical1 (8:00:48 AM): indeed it is
angelicalistical1 (8:00:53 AM): nor me
galahad (8:01:00 AM): your choice
angelicalistical1 (8:06:40 AM): ###### plz tell me just one thing, what was the page was about in the first place?
angelicalistical1 (8:13:25 AM): its been what about 8 months since i said i not go back to MH, been only once, removed profiles, lost friends, even the good ones...this will be a repeat ya


about that time i came into blogger and made this lil post which was the original...

soz what happenz when ya leave someplace?
you lose touch
you say goodbyes
people you thought close

maybe september wont come
maybe time has truly frozen
its a repeat isn't it
main hall...

and sometime during the middle of the day i learned something that made evvvvvverything make sense... his poxy lil b has every right to feel insecure...if she is indeed the one and the same girl for whom never made it to Paris with him last year, after all, he had immediately returned from Paris to make plans to return to the see leave her behind during the course of fall classes... what a lil chit eh?

i'm soooo not even gonna say my thoughts on that one...excepts to say they haven't changed much in a years exception...i know one lil angel thats not waiting around for some fantasy world to open back up...

actually truth being told by yet another woogster i know for fact Galahad willllll be returning to crib...probably just as soon as he scoots his lilone back to her home soz he can play his cheatin ways alll over again (i was sooo right sis...remembers that 2+2 thing...when the cats away that lil mousie DOES play)

sozzzz...i'm more than expecting the lil kitty will return to the crib too...about the time winter break comes...unlessss history repeats itself...then it will be some new treat for the momentary fling before spring...

((((whats her name...something death???)))) sad isnt it...or innit?

anyhows, then Ghostie has a few helpful words in my making a final decision as to weather i stay or leave crib for good...i thought Ghostie was upset over the talking and having to hear all the bs thats been going on, and he says he issss upset at the way things been going, but he not upset by my wanting to talk with him about it...

i had written the resignation in due course of making sure Ghostie never had to hear any of it again...

buts after words with Ghostie and soooo many others... welps... the final writings of the day were as follows:

Dear ###,

there have been many wonderful sentiments shared today ###, from yourself as well as others i have come to know and love, and if you'll still have me i would like to withdraw my resignation...


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