Friday, July 25, 2003

~*6th Sense*~

Things didn't go well for me and my dreams, so i stopped dreaming... and now i'm facing al outlooks with a more realistic approach... and at this moment i can't help but to think October will be a pointless meeting of two lost souls both searching for the same things in life, but not coming together.

i wish i could think differently, i wish i could hold on to a small ray of hope that all of my fears are simply fears held in my mind from past mistakes... but that again would be dreaming...

in the process of a 10 minute conversation today while everyone else laughed, teased and had a blast i cringed, coiled, and retreated to quiet solitude...all in due process of rebuilding a wall...or perhaps a thickened, hardened shell to find recluse.

i wish i could learn to trust again, but i seriously doubt i even will...

i wish i could stop reading between the lines and be a simpleton...but i know i never will...

it isn't isnt green gremlins...

it's history revisited

~*sighs and curls up wiff dizzy*~


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