Sunday, June 15, 2003

~*Telling the World*~

As of last night Ghostie says it's now okies to tell anyone about his upcoming trip to the States because the lilones and their mom are now fully aware of his intentions to come see me and now there are no worries left that they (his lilones) might come online to hear about his trip third person.

bless their hearts that they want to come now too...mmmmmmmm...

maybe if all 5 of us lil ladies put on the puppy dog eyes it will happen sooner than later???

~*adjustin the lil halo now*~

can just picture our 4 lil angels grass skirts no less!... er uhmmm...nooooooo!!! maybe in white though, playing in the soil and trying to uproot a certain lil gardenia bush...

hmmmm...yes... thats better...a much more realistical vision of 4 lil angels whose halo's (much like my own) have fallen to thier feet...

okies, so where's the sweeties...i'll offer up a bribe!

can't help myself...i keep thinking of gardenia bushes for some reason...

i supposes i best be behavin myself right now with all of these lil thoughts i've been it is Ghostie seems to think that i am just beggin the issue of a spankin and gawds knows i wouldn't want to give cause for annnnnnnything of the sort now would i?

nahhh not me...i'm too innocent for that...

~*adjusting the halo rememberin that i for one certainly would never have smarted off anything about not being the Virgin Mary... but then again... what was that about John Paul???... John Paul would nevvvver dream of anything such as corporal punishments for lil angelicalistical ones... would he?

(oyyyyy...someone has stolen my halo!)


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