Sunday, June 29, 2003


i just knewwww it was Ghostie on the other end of that phone this morning...buts i never imagined that it would be his mum too!

~*wigggles and wriggles and beamssss from ear to ear*~

She sounds a sweet lady, maybe somedays i meet her...and maybe somedays get to talk with his daddy too eh???

She said Ghostie was really exciterated abouts his trip to the states...and i wanted to says i was alllls exciterated about him coming too...~*giggles causes thinks i prolly did say...maybes more than once!*~ truth is i can't waits for him to gets here!!!

Ghostie said we might be meeting up with two more woogie TD's too which was reallllly wonderful news causes i then thought ups a plan so lil miss Virginia not have a whole houseful of peeps and not have to worries abouts playing hostesses so much....we can gets a cabin at one of the nearby parks and all go outs n paint the town red then comes back and paints the cabin red too eh?

MMMmmmmmmmm...Ghostie all exciterated causes him say now him gets to meets 5 peeps...buts i say i the ones who gets to spends the longest wiff him so who more exciterated ehhhh?

~* certain i heard a tiger purring....*~


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