Friday, June 06, 2003

~*maybe, maybe NOT*~

smudge is reallly nervous about her move this weekend, and after a lil talk with her father last night i think i am all but ready to say forget this pal...

it was decided upon over spring break that he would be here with them for their trip to Dollywood last friday...and THAT was cancelled, then he was to be here this weekend to pick them up and take them on a trip in the RV, but THAT was cancelled, and nowwww he wants me to drive them out to Atlanta and meet him halfway...but then THAT changes and nowwwwww he wants me to drive them all the way out to Savannah, andddd then he gets pissed when i say i can't do that because then i miss work and financially i cant afford to do so (but its okies if iiiii miss work...just so long as he doesn't half too) smudge doesnt need this kinda chit, and if this is how he is going to cover all of the other basis, well then to whose benefit is this move for then really???

some things never change...argh!


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