Saturday, June 21, 2003

~*Gonna Miss Ghostie*~

Normally Ghostie and i would be chattering away within a few short hours, but he has been working himself to the bone these past few weeks and is finnnnnnnnnally taking a bit of a rest, truth being said, as much as i'll miss hearing his voice on the other end of the phone, it feels wonderful just knowing he is keeping a promise.

We haven't had alot of time to talk lately and though it hasn't been by either one of our choices its still a bit scary...and i don't want us to fall into some sort of a trap where we end up drifting apart, gawds knows... if anything i want to be closer...muchhhhh closer!

all of my waking thoughts are of him now, and slowly he is finding way into my dreams as well...which was the case this evening when i took a short nap, only to dream of him and what it might be like that first time together...

the fact that i long so much to be that *innocent lil girl* i once was, along with the knowledge of his own wishes and desires, is perhaps the reason my dream this evening was so vivid and seemed so very though i had lived out a fantasy without really having experienced it at all...

wasn't that exactly what i had done?



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