Saturday, June 14, 2003

~*Details, Details, Details*~

simply purrumbling at the moment...another lil chat with Ghostie set me back to the task of hunting down hotels near the airport for our meet and i think i've come up with at least 3 options now, the first being a 3 diamond hotel is perhaps going to be our best bet at $86.00 a night and only 1 mile away from the airport...but i've never heard of the chain before... soooooo... i'm a lil leary and will have to beg Saren to scamper down for a look/see since she lives in the area


Ramada also has a room in the area for $86.00, and Comfort Suites has a room available for $79.00...of course all prices are schedualed to change...and i'm a bit nervous as to what might happen if the Atlanta Braves make it to the world series...mind you that they are ultimately my favorite baseball team of all time (missing some of my fave players now, but eh, there's still Maddox and Smoltz) at any rate...they are tops in their league right now, and if this continues to move towards the World Series...welllllllll... those hotel rates will fly through the roof!!!

*saren hun, how soon can you get there love?*

and thats just the first hotel to have to worry about setting a date for...i still have to find one for Memphis as well...hmm...maybe Ghostie wont want to see Graceland afterall eh?? ...yeah, and maybe i truly am askin for a spankin!


speakin of spankings, told Ghostie today about a time when i was very lil and wanted to talk with the parrot up at the pet store, to which my mom said no because she was too busy at the time...i had snuck off and taken a walk up there by my lonesome, hence recieving a still fresh in my lil memory banks spanking from my which Ghostie says his girl is trouble with a capitol "T" him thinks...b b b butttttts i'll listen to him!!!

He says "yes I do think you will..."


i will say this much, after our conversation this morning i am beginning to contemplate on not making that move into a new place just yet... for one thing, i simply loathe having to move because the cost here is positively wonderful, not to mention packin and unpacking and new schools and etc etc etc...butttttttttt

the possibility looms that even after i settle into a new place, i may very well be needing to move again in the near future... into something even more larger in size, be it here or in the UK...


enough said on that for now!


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