Friday, June 06, 2003

~*Counting down the hours*~

Think i had a tad bit too much fun with the bottle last nights cause i had Ghostie worryin abouts me so much that when i got back on line after a wee lil 30 minutes rest i was gettin pages left in right in my messenger.... and our dear friend lil miss Vodka was bound and determined to speak with me via the telephone wires cause of it all too...of course i'm horrid at trying to remember international calling codes sooo we voice chatted instead...such a loverly lil conversation that was...two girlies toasted up and totally fubar...

ehhh, but it wasssss fun !!!
~*nibbles the lip*~

tommarow however....

mmmmmmmmmmm...tomarrow it will be Ghostie who i get to talk with via the telephone wires...

~*wigggles and wriggles all over the place*~

23 hours until we can talks about 4 months and counting...and i'm fanning myself already!!!


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