Wednesday, June 11, 2003

~*Brrrrr, it's cold up there*~

Ghostie had said that if he lost the lil cribbage match with me yesturday he would be sleepin on the roof...uhmmmmm, i won 3 times in a row??? (my pooooooor Ghostie, can just picture him frostied up this morning) tolddddd him i would join him if it wasn't such a longgggg distance to travels...b b b buttsssss least i'm there in thought eh?

~*giggles and winks*~

ohhh...and he reallly needs to be paying close attention to todays horrorscopers!!! funny thing it is too causes i was just saying yesturdays i hoped him not work his lil tail to the bone causes he needs to keeps up his health...pfffft...farrr be it from me to says any types of an "i tolddd ya so"

~*and truth being told... iffins him did fall under the weathers i'd be the first to want to tuck him in, and takes care of him...oyyyyyyyyyy!*~


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